How It Works

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  • Our self-service washes are walk-in only, so no appointments needed!

  • If you have a dog that doesn't do well with others or has special needs, please don't hesitate to call us and set up a time during quieter hours to ensure a more comfortable environment for your pup!

  • There is help for getting your dog into our tubs! We have ramps and strong arms. You choose and we'll help!

  • See our house rules for more information on fleas and leash policies!


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What's Included


  • Clean, sanitized, & state-of-the-art grooming tub

  • Adjustable tub restraint (to keep your pet from jumping out of the tub)

  • Low heat/high pressure grooming dryers

  • 5 different 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners for you to choose from

  • Separate eye, ear, & dental wipes

  • Brushes, rakes, & combs

  • Chamois cloth & towel

  • Waterproof apron (to keep you dry)

  • Selection of designer doggy cologne/perfume for you to spritz for free before you leave. If you want to take one home, we sell all of the fragrances!

*Don't worry about cleaning up your wash station, we're right behind you with professional grade disinfectants and new supplies for the next customer!


Self-Service Pricing

Frequent Wash Program

Come in for your 10-wash card. Finish your 9th  wash and your 10th is free!

*only applicable for self-service washes* 


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Self service wash prices are based on your dog's weight & coat thickness. Below you'll see our pricing for each category.  Please note these are meant to be guidelines, your final price will be determined by a Two Brothers Dog Wash employee after meeting each dog. 

*We take visa, master card, discover, & cash.


Kennel-Free Full Service Washing

Full-Service washes are by appointment only, Call us for price quotes and appointments! $22+

(757) 497-WASH

If your dog needs a bath, but they are maybe a little too hard to handle, you have things to do, or you just want a break, we have Full-Service washes! They are scheduled with our professional groomers so you know your pup is in good hands!

Full-Service includes:

  • Bath

  • Blow dry

  • Brush out

  • Ear/eye/dental cleaning with our wipes

  • Optional Nail Trim and/or dremel service for an additional $8.00-$17.00

  • Optional De-Shedding Treatment for an additional $12.00 - $18.00



Kennel-free Professional Grooming

Professional grooming is by appointment only. Call us for price quotes and appointments! $48+

(757) 497-WASH



If you're looking for full service grooming, we offer kennel-free professional grooming services.  That means one dog at a time, from start to finish. No excessive barking in a back room somewhere, and no 5 hour wait time!  

We take the time to find out exactly what you want from your grooming session and we strive to get it right.  

Our Grooming Service includes: 

  • Bath

  • Blow dry

  • Brush out

  • Nail trim

  • Ear/eye/dental cleaning with our wipes

  • Anal gland expression

  • Haircut

  • Optional De-Shedding Treatment


No appointment necessary for nail trims and/or dremel work!

Nail Trims & Dremel

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  • We cut as low as we can to keep them shorter, longer.

  • We always leave them smooth and snag free.

  • We know how to reshape those curled up nails that cause discomfort.

  • We are safe, quick, and know how to handle nervous nellies!

  • We even clip and dremel a snarky cat named Teia!

Pricing for Nails

We offer a discount for nail trims when you do a self-service or full-service wash on the same visit!  See our pricing breakdown below.

  • $9.00 for a nail trim when you do a self-service wash or full-service wash in the same visit

  • $14.00 for a nail trim without a wash

  • $8.00 for dremeling

  • Nail clipping is included in your grooming cost!

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Check out our house rules for more info on how to make sure Two Brothers Dog Wash stays safe, happy, and clean when you come to visit!

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who fails to comply with these policies.